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Dwelling in the Valley - What Went Wrong with Our Attempts to Climb the Hills?

Fox Butterfield, in his book All God's Children, said "If one wishes to know the cause of violence, one must look to the past."

Violence is an enormous and hauntingly pervasive problem all over the world. Believing that poverty is the root cause of social ills, many governments, including the United States Government, sought to eradicate poverty. Statistics, however, show that there is more human suffering and dysfunction today than there was 40 or more years ago despite the billions of dollars spent on the program.

What went wrong?

These efforts focused on only part of the problem and not on the whole. Despite an exhaustive listing of the physical and material factors that are associated with violence such as poverty, unemployment, racism and drugs, what is missing is any attention to the inner soul energies of the individuals involved in violence and violent acts - the real substance of why there is dysfunction.

The missing link in the equation is not only erroneous beliefs about the cause of violence and of learning and behavioral disorders that often accompany it, but the folly of trying to remedy the symptoms instead of healing, and better still, preventing the disease and/or dysfunction that causes them. Given the massive failures of so-called traditional remediation, it is becoming obvious that the cause of human misery and its multitude of disorders and dysfunctions lie far beyond our currently held and time-honored beliefs.

As has been described in the previous section "The Hills and Valleys of Stress and Soul Trauma", disorders of the soul begin not only in infancy and childhood, but even before in the lives of their parents and forbears for countless generations before them. The dysfunctions of human feeling and behavior become embedded in belief systems and contribute to the shaping of society. To seek the real cause of violence, we need to look to the memories in the consciousness, both individual and trans-generational, that have contributed to it.

If we are to survive, we cannot continue to ignore the violence experienced in the hearts and souls of the world's children and the adults they become. In essence we cannot afford the type of societies being formed by the high prevalence of memories of violence, abuse and neglect.

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