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The Hills and Valleys of Stress and Soul Trauma

There is a delicate balance between health, or lack of it, of body, mind and soul. The three are intertwined and so closely interdependent that what affects one, affects all three. Because of this what affects the soul will also affect mind and body.

Stress, caused by an imbalance between environmental demands and the coping resources of the individual, is a threat - and sometimes a killer - of body, mind and soul. Stress manifests in three ways:

  1. Stress causes changes in the normal physiological functions of the body that, if unrelieved, can lead to physical disease.
  2. Stress causes feelings of distress (subjective).
  3. Stress causes disturbed personal and interpersonal functioning and performance (behavioral).

Extreme stress, facilitated by negative energies, causes breaks at the point of the weakest links in our genetic and experiential memories which respond by communicating messages of imbalance to all systems and functions of the body and mind.

Stress and soul trauma are at the root of all psychiatric disorders. The changes in chemistry and function that accompany psychiatric disorders are not the cause, but rather the consequence of the changes in the body and brain chemistry that result from stressors that cause injury to emotion and soul.

The type of psychiatric disorder that will manifest from soul trauma is determined genetically, for the reason that, at some point in the lives of our familial ancestors, they reacted to soul stress in a way that stressed the capacity of particular genes that control emotions and behavior. If these weakened genes and their altered energy find no surcease from their fragility in succeeding generations or are assaulted from further trauma, they will continue to manifest as soul dysfunction and psychiatric disorder depending on a critical level of environmental stress that will increase their dysfunctional energy in those who carry them.

Dr. Hans Selye, researcher and pioneer of the nature of stress, described the General Adaptation Syndrome of which there are three stages. The first stage he calls the stage of "Alarm Reaction;" the second stage he called the "Stage of Resistance" or "Adaptation;" and, the third stage he called "Exhaustion" or "Burnout."

Stage One is, for the most part, good. The alarm rings, we are warned and, if all goes well and we deal effectively with the stressors, the body re-balances itself and returns to normal. If the stress is maintained over a period of time without relief, the body begins to fail in its normal balancing process causing a cascade of negative effects which take on a more permanent character. The body actually adapts to the stressors and attains a level of functioning above and beyond its optimal level.

Stage Two is when stress becomes distress leading to dysfunction of the Autonomic Nervous System which impacts on all functions of the body. If unrelieved, the dysfunction can become permanent. The Hypothalamic connections of the Autonomic Nervous System have an impact on consciousness and therefore, on thought and perception. When thought and perception become compromised, we begin to see the world through a glass, darkly. Our moods and our behavior become dysfunctional and, since we are children of God and thus spiritual beings on a human journey, therefore more than body, mind and emotion, when these are off-balance it creates a sense of disconnectedness from our spiritual core which manifests as spiritual de-vitalization.

Stage Three is when the body is overwhelmed and death ensues.

It is estimated that between 85% and 90% of all illness is stress induced. Quite clearly the process of disease and dysfunction originates in Stage Two of the General Adaptation Syndrome or, as we also refer to it, the Stress Response.

However, the determining factor of which type of disease will ensue is genetically determined and is a function of the memories within our own unique genome.

How does all of this relate to the most pressing problems of our time - violence amongst children and the apparent deadening of the human soul? Can we continue to ignore the violence experienced in the hearts and souls of the children of the world? Can we afford the type of society being formed by the memories of childhood abuse and neglect? The answer to both questions is a resounding NO!

So now let us look at these issues more closely.

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