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Can We Redirect Our Efforts to the Hills?

Vice President Al Gore stated in Earth in Balance: Ecology of the Human Spirit that "History is change, and change is a relentless driving force. Now that the human community has developed into a truly global community, we have a choice; either we search for the means to steer the changes shaping our new common history or we will be steered by them - randomly and chaotically. Either we move toward the light or we move toward the darkness."

This quote prompts us to ask a very pertinent question, "What if we could find the switch to turn off the violence in our world?" What if we discovered that the keys to ending the generation-upon-generation cyclic nature of violence are forged within the smallest of children, the new-born and the yet to be born? And, what if we fully understood that the quality of the memories of these early experiences become the chemistry and energy of later behavior, as well as the many layered consciousness by which the adults that these children become, perceive and react to the world around them?

Given these facts, at a time when there is great concern about the failure to stem the rising tide of abuse and violence world wide, nevertheless there is hope.

Changing society will require a radical change in how we perceive health of body, mind and soul. Such change demands an awareness of how what is biological interacts with the environment to render the physiological and an awareness of energy and the controlling power of its forbears in memory and consciousness. The implications for change in the prevention, treatment and management of these many disorders - particularly those that result in soul injury and violence - is ground breaking.

In light of what we know about memory and consciousness et cetera, and their imprinting on our neural pathways (particularly those that affect response), FREE WILL cannot be an unconditioned, conscious decision to follow one path or another. Behavior is a trajectory pursued and heavily influenced by the memories of many origins.

However, we can be disembodied from the effects of these inter-generational memories in terms of behavior. It is possible to change the quality of soul energy and its felt quality and therefore the consequences of negative memories and injured consciousness.

Within this context, because the locks and keys of neural transmission and the store houses of memory and consciousness in children are developmentally more susceptible to change than in adults, the healing of the brokenness of humanity must begin with children and yes, even pre-conceptionally.

As humans, we are constantly changing. Indeed, the sum of what we are at any given moment is not necessarily the sum of what we are at consequent moments. We are constantly changing due to fluctuations in particular body chemistries (glucose, etc.) and the influence of thought, feeling and behavior.

If we, as a society, can nurture the souls of children in simple and grounded ways, love may push hate aside, hope replace despair, and faith dislodge disconnectedness. If so done, it is entirely possible that within a generation or two the adults of those times will be soulfully equipped to make of God's world a less hostile and violent as well as a more loving place for all creation.

We can change the course of humankind.


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