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Its Origins in Environment and Experience

Environment and experience may facilitate or diminish the expression of disease susceptible (i.e. mutable) genes.

The effect of the environment and experience on the human genome and its attendant energies can be demonstrated in the observation of identical twins. Identical twins carry the same genetic material. They share the same static genes of form, and therefore develop the same physical traits such as hair color, ear shape, nose shape, et cetera. They also share genes that are more amenable to change, those of function, which may cause one to believe that identical twins should develop the same thought and behavioral patterns. This, however, is not the case.

Although each twin inherits the same genes, they have different environmental experiences. Even in the womb there may be an excess of particular electro-chemical energy in one part of the uterus which has an effect on the expression of the genes.

For example, there have been four genes identified as being associated with the psychiatric disorder called Bipolar, or Manic-Depressive, disorder. In a situation where identical twins inherit these genes, it has been shown that in some instances one twin has manifested the disorder and the other has not. The reason being, one twin may experience energy frequencies at a stress level that "turns on" the disease while the other twin does not.

The environmental and experiential factors that contribute toward the expression of our genes are vast and, as we have already pointed out, begin their effects even before conception.

Pollutants and toxins are increasingly being spilled on and buried in our soil, dumped into our waters, released into our air and even sprayed onto our foods. These poisons in our environment are inflicting damage to normal development, from conception onward, by changing the very core of species-specific cellular structure and function and diverting the normal development of many neural pathways including those of cognition, awareness of conscience and behavioral responses.

Technology, which has delivered so much that is positive to the human scene, may also, in some cases, be causing profound problems. One example is the Ultra Sonogram used in pregnancy which gets an image of the fetus by slicing through fetal tissue at a time when cells are migrating from the notochord (primitive nervous system) to their appointed places in the developing brain. This procedure may be interfering with the normal development of the brain and nervous system by causing scrambling and confusion in the pathways of neurotransmission, a situation that may be contributing to the epidemic of behavioral problems and violence - particularly in the Western world.

Modern birthing practices also affect normal development. A newborn is often immediately taken away from its mother, not to be returned until hospital schedules allow, thus denying the infant the skin-to-skin contact and loving affection in those first few hours of life that are necessary for the healthy development of the Limbic System, the part of the brain that controls feeling and emotion and is directly concerned with control over aggressive tendencies. Poor or absent bonding at birth may, and often does, manifest as long-term emotional and behavioral dysfunction, such as Reactive Attachment Disorder of Infancy or Early Childhood (RADIEC).

From conception onwards, our later behavioral tendencies that derive from feeling and emotion are stamped into the memory banks of our souls and contribute to how we perceive the world external to us, and thus our own feelings and emotions.

Environment and environmental perception, therefore, contribute toward the expression of our genes and other energy systems by affecting the levels of stress we experience which, in turn, sets the stage for function or dysfunction - health or sickness.

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