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The Vital Role of Energy in Life

Research into energy and its multitude of frequencies has led to knowledge of the vital role that energy plays in turning on the genes and the influence it has on the healthy functioning of body, mind and soul or otherwise.

Throughout endless ages many factors have altered energy frequencies, either in a process of adaptation for survival and healthy functioning, or as impediments to them. Energy frequencies are controlled in two ways; (1) by the memories embedded in the genes and other energy systems we inherit at conception and (2) by the several and various environments we experience from conception through pregnancy, birth, childhood and adult life which in turn create their own particular memories.

These memories are passed from generation to generation and, obviously, within each generation themselves become modified.

These energies play relentlessly into every facet of function and dysfunction of body, mind and soul. They comprise the infrastructure for the quality of our life experiences, which in turn, influences our perceptions, thoughts, feelings and behavior.

When the human mind, body and soul are in harmony, the energy frequencies that control human thought, feeling and behavior are within functional ranges and the chances for the functional expression of genes and other energy systems is the greatest. When these frequencies are damaged or altered, the expression of the genes is also affected and can manifest as dysfunction or disease.

Multiple research and observations of the past 100 years now shows that what happens at birth and in the first few years of life is built upon the foundations laid by the quality of energy conveyed at conception and experienced during intra-uterine development. It has a tremendous impact on the outcome of the developing individual. It determines many things with relevance to just about every aspect of human experience.

At this point it is well to point out that it is in fact altered energy and its altered messages that initiate and then maintain the electrochemical changes in the body and brain which, being measurable, have up until now been believed to be the cause of psychiatric disorder and human dysfunction.

Energy itself operates within the parameters of memory and consciousness. So, in order to better understand how it operates, we need to put it into this context.

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