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The Bottome Line

We must understand and not be afraid to acknowledge that whom we are and why we are the way we are stretches far beyond and behind our own personal histories and experiences, reaching to the furthest limits of humanity's own history and experience enshrined in its collective consciousness.

We must realize the power we have to change for the better the quality of the energies in the memories and consciousness that each of us receives.

We must restore respect for women and the feminine and, in particular, be more attentive to nurturing the quality and the power of every mother's thoughts, feelings and situations during pregnancy because these energies are the greatest influences on the quality and texture of our entire life.

We must include the spiritual and self-regulatory procedures that promote healthy functioning of the trinity of body, mind and soul as central ingredients of Pre Natal Care and of School Curricula.

We must establish the sacred and the noble in personal and collective memory and consciousness by enabling parents, parents-to-be, and their children to feel and know the sacred and noble within themselves AND within every other human being, truths which have been submerged in the belief systems of religion and culture.

We must act now, beginning at the grass roots level, to inject what we know and what needs to be done into the political and religious arenas. This belief coincides with and would give LIFE and LIGHT to a statement made in a document from Vatican II entitled The Church in the Modern World -

"The future of humanity lies with those who are strong enough to give coming generations REASON for living and REASON for hoping."

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