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A Word About the Title - Anderson Beyond Genome

Most people believe that genes hold the ultimate secrets about life and its living. So, when in 1997 the location of genes on the chromosomes that carry them was described, it was thought that we were close to the ultimate knowledge of whom we are and how we came to be.

In reality, the genome is just a road map in the sense that it tells us where specific genes are located on the chromosomes. There are 46 chromosomes in the nucleus of every cell in the body. Each chromosome carries a medley of genes.

Genes very considerably in how they operate. For example, there are what we may call the "static genes," that is, those that determine the color of our eyes, the shape of our noses, etc. And then there are those that are less static and more attuned to change, such as those that control human function or dysfunction. Each of these latter genes is, at it were, a player in the symphony that constitutes each individual. Being a player, these genes have to interact with each other so that each can play a role in maintaining stability in form and function.

To go Beyond the Genome, therefore, is to examine not only the genes themselves, but the quality of the energy present within the memories embedded within them that control their expression. These energies are inherited not only at conception, but also derive from the environments we experience from conception through pregnancy, birth, childhood and adult life. These energies play a pivotal role in controlling how genes express themselves - for better or for worse.

Research into the role of ENERGY and it's multitude of frequencies has led to knowledge of the vital role it plays in the human mind, body and soul. When the energy frequencies that control human thought, feeling and behavior remain within functional ranges, the opportunities for the functional expression of genes is the greatest. When these energy frequencies are damaged, by whatever means, the expression of the genes is also damaged and dysfunction and/or disease ensues.

We are rapidly moving into knowledge about the roles of memory and consciousness and their energies in human behavior. Thus the time is right to engage general awareness about how they play relentlessly into every function and dysfunction of the body, mind and soul and how the belief systems of culture and religion drive their energies in human thought and behavior.

Let us now look at energy in more depth.

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